The Vapors [A new Remix]

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The Vapors [A new Remix]

Post by circuitbored » Fri Jan 01, 2021 10:12 pm

Biz Markie - The Vapors [SoopaDaark Daarked Out Remix]

A song about how Karma visits us all, and how we underestimate what others may be later in life.
This song has stuck with me since I was in High School.

RuffAndTuff Recordings is a professional independent music company and recording label founded in 2011 with world-wide distribution through partnership with Sony Music. Our interests and motivation reside in recorded music and related multimedia, music publishing, and in formal artist services.

Our artists regularly compose, remix, and engineer music for industry leading artists and movie/film projects by request.

We also produce short films, remixes, scoring, and visual effects in the normal course of our partnerships and in support of our work.

Our focus is based on creating epic, cinematic, driving, and emotional urban music while cementing the identity of Urban Bass and Dance Music into the conscience of non-traditional music listeners.

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