America in crisis... From Hollywood to Your Neighborhood...

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America in crisis... From Hollywood to Your Neighborhood...

Post by circuitbored » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:48 am

So with recent allegations against Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, many more, and just recently Louis CK, The entertainment industry is on fire, and not in a good way. I'm heart broken to find that this firestorm is ruining the esteem I've held for years for some of my favorite comedians and other personalities, but it's much worse for the victims if the allegations are indeed true. Allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse, and crimes are rampant among some of the industry's leading earners in TV and film, and now major shakeups are happening on a massive scale. Harvey Weinstein's entire company is reportedly up for auction, others have been fired or resigned due to serious allegations against them in terms of how they have done business through out their careers. On the other hand, we have a horrible revolving door situation in America with mass casualty incidents including children being shot in broad daylight as well ... index.html. It is terribly scary for parents raising children in this world, knowing that workplaces, malls, and even churches in the US are now not safe for innocent people, including children.

It is always fair that those who have violated the rights of others meet their reckoning, no matter how much money or power they yield of course. For victims that suffer, often the normal due process rarely guarantees equal justice.

Incidents of sexual abuse both in the workplace an outside of it are indicative of a large problem that extends far back to days when subordinates didn't have a say in companies. Their only way of climbing social and status ladders was often to be silently complicit with the demands of leaders to silently comply with abuse they threw upon victims that struggled to succeed. So many victims resorted to self abuse through drugs and alcohol, which has led to many grown and child stars, from movies we still remember so well, fading away into obscurity and even dying an early death.

If the path towards success involves self destruction or selling of one's soul is it worth it? The answer is no, in all cases. If i told you you could be the best surfer in the world with 30 million dollars in your bank account, yet you'd need to first need to endure 4 shark attacks with no guarantee of escape, would you do it? Even if you needed to sacrifice a limb or two? This is the plight of the actor or actress, who knows no-one in Hollywood, that may one day be your son or daughter.

Some people would actually say "Sure! I'll swim with those sharks!" But in today's working world, the odds seem like shark attacks are pretty much guaranteed in the path to success. It's not just going on in Hollywood as well. Scandals hit politicians all the time, as in the recent case of Roy Moore ... index.html (No endorsement of innocence or guilt intended for anyone named in this post of course). Most shocking to me is Abuse and victimization happens all the time in almost all walks of life these days, perpetrated by both men and women, and it's carried out in sexual and non-sexual ways by people who often have been hurt themselves in the past.

With the constant trend of mass shootings, and in incidents of sexual abuse, we really need to take a look at mental health in the world population. The saying that "Hurt People (will) Hurt People" is an ever repeating and self-fulfilling truth-ism... At some point in the life of all of these perpetrators, they were likely hurt, it's up to the news media to find out where that incident was for perpetrators, not just to look for simple "TV rating gold" motives. It's also important for us to identify when people are exhibiting abusive traits and take time to talk it out with them as parents, friends, and even strangers. Too often, we only say report strangers if you see them behaving erratically, but now we need to take a look at the people around us that we know and love and reach out to them before they get to the point where they create victims.

In what I write, I don't at all intend to serve as an advocate for the abusers, it's only in the best hopes of preventing victims. The way to solve the current trend of gun violence in America is a large-scale discussion that can't be fixed with just a few simple steps, neither can child and adult sexual abuse, but if what i stated in the last paragraph has truth to it, we'll likely have a lot more instances of people being hurt over time unless we take positive steps towards helping victims recover.

Please contribute to the discussion with positive and new ideas for solving these kinds of crises in America. Register and engage in the discussion with the links above.

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